Welcome 欢迎

Please join us! 请加入我们!

1. Google classroom.

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Our assignment, learning materials, class events and important notifications are updated here. Let’s learn and have fun together!

2. Quizlet DL 2nd Grade 2016-2017

It’s a very cool website. You can also download an app to check it on your phones or iPad. Chinese learning materials are updated here, like Chinese words, sentences, dialogues and reading passages. Pronunciations, English meanings and pictures online will help you learn more efficiently.

3. Classdojo

Parents who are invited can reach our class on Classdojo. You can get up-to-date information about your kids, what we learned and what happened in class.

Please contact me by email or phone if you have any questions.
Email: mluan@chccs.k12.nc.us
Phone: 919-968-3473  extension: 38272